• What is the Women’s Bouldering Festival?

The festival aims to celebrate and empower women in the sport of bouldering while rising awareness and funds against breast cancer.

  • When is the festival?

The second edition of the festival will take place on Saturday the 28th September 2024 from 10:00 to 20:00 hrs.

  • Can I sponsor the festival?

Yes, you can! Sponsoring makes the festival possible and the more sponsoring we receive, the more we can donate to the fight against breast cancer. Send us an email for the sponsor document at hello@womensboulderingfestival.lu.

  • For who is the festival?

We welcome all genders, all ages and all climbing experience levels. We want to create an inclusive and supportive environment for all participants. There will be workshops for beginners in addition to intermediate and advanced offerings. The festival will be a great opportunity to try out bouldering in a safe and supportive environment.  If you are not sure which workshops suits best your needs, feel free to contact us for some advise in order to guarantee you the best festival experience.

  • Where is the festival located?

It will take place in Parc Brill in Mamer.

  • How much does the festival cost?

The ticket fee is priced at €15 during the pre-sale period. For those planning to attend on the day of the event, tickets can be acquired directly at the festival grounds for €20, subject to availability.

  • How do I pay the ticket fee?

After submitting the ticketing form on this website, you’ll receive an email with the payment instructions. Once the payment is done, your spot is secured. If you didn’t receive it, please contact us at hello@womensboulderingfestival.lu.

  • Can I donate extra to Europa Donna Luxembourg?

Yes, you can! When you transfer the ticket fee, it is also possible to add some euro’s on top.

  • How can I reach the festival?

We recommend to use public transportation or soft mobility (bicycle, etc). From Luxembourg city is a direct line by bus or a direct cycling path. If you come by car, there are several parking areas near the Parc Brill in Mamer.

  • Is it possible to eat and drink at the festival?

Yes! Throughout the Women’s Boulder Festival, a wide selection of healthy and nourishing food options will be available to everyone offered by Isa at Home and drinks at our club stand.

In Parc Brill are water fountains for free hydration refills. So don’t forget to bring your water bottle.

  • What’s the refund policy for the event?

The Women’s Bouldering Festival will raise funding for the breast cancer coalition Europa Donna Luxembourg. The festival tickets are non-refundable. If, somehow, you won‘t be able to join, you may transfer the spot to another individual. To transfer, please email hello@womensboulderingfestival.lu.

  • What if the weather is not good (storm, rain or thunder,…) ?

If the weather conditions do not permit to proceed with the festival the tickets fee will be automatically donated to the breast cancer coalition Europa Donna Luxembourg. We will make this decision 3 days before the festival takes place. But to ease the pain, you’ll receive a free entrance at BKL.

  • Will it be possible to rent climbing equipment such as climbing shoes at the festival?

There are on site some climbing shoes available for borrowing. So it is for free! Availability is on a first comes, first serve basis. We take care of crash pads. But best is to bring your own gear! 🙂

  • What is included in the festival ticket?

With the entrance you will have access to the whole festival ground (as marked on the festival map with the boulder blocs, info points, mini-shop, food corner with chill area and DJ) as well as workshops we offer throughout the day.

When purchasing your festival ticket, please make sure to specify the workshops you’re interested in. This helps us arrange the spots, ensuring you have the best experience while also preventing overcrowding in the workshops.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us on hello@womensboulderingfestival.lu.